Jan 10 • 22M

What it's really like to travel with me

My highly opinionated daughters have more to say...

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Longer Tables with José Andrés explores all the ways that food shapes our world and makes us who we are. In each episode, José talks to friends from the worlds of culinary and creative arts, politics, and media: Stacey Abrams, Ron Howard, Yo-Yo Ma, Eric Ripert, and Liev Schreiber, and more. He also takes listeners into his home kitchen to learn his favorite recipes, and answers their burning culinary questions.
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People always ask me how I do what I do at World Central Kitchen. And my answer is always, it’s not ME doing it. It’s everyone working together.

But that is not the case when it comes to being a dad. As any parent knows, it’s the hardest (and the very best) job in the world.

If you listened to last week’s show, you heard that my daughters don’t go easy on me. (I mean…so Inés singed her eyebrows while cooking paella. They grew back longer and more gorgeous than ever!)

This week, my daughters are back again, with more of the same. In a good way. You’ll hear the girls tease me about how, okay, MAYBE I repeat some stories a few too many times. (But really, my time in the Spanish navy was fascinating!) And I speak about the pain of being a renowned chef whose kids sometimes won’t eat the food he cooks.

Tell your friends about my podcast! They’ll love you for it. 


It’s all in good fun, of course. And we still had plenty of time to talk about what happened behind the scenes while filming our new TV show, José Andrés and Family in Spain. (Check it out! It is now streaming on Discovery+.)

Spoiler: You are going to want to go to the south of Spain and eat carabineros, the big, fat, deep-sea prawns we loved so much that we ordered them for our Christmas dinner.

I hope you’ll join us. I love to have you as part of the family.