Sep 20, 2022 • 48M

Stacey Abrams: On cheesecake and saving souls. Plus José rethinks the fried egg and answers questions

Episode 2 of my new podcast, Longer Tables, is here.

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Longer Tables with José Andrés explores all the ways that food shapes our world and makes us who we are. In each episode, José talks to friends from the worlds of culinary and creative arts, politics, and media: Stacey Abrams, Ron Howard, Yo-Yo Ma, Eric Ripert, and Liev Schreiber, and more. He also takes listeners into his home kitchen to learn his favorite recipes, and answers their burning culinary questions.
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Hello People!

Yep, it’s time for another podcast episode. And if you think I can’t beat Eric Ripert’s story of his failed attempt as a waiter…think again. This week, I’m talking to Stacey Abrams, a woman who blows me away with her passion, her brilliance, her humor, and her potential to actually save this democracy of ours.

Stacey, as you may know, is running for governor of Georgia. But for years, Stacey has also been working tirelessly to make sure our democracy functions. She has brought record numbers of people to the polls and fought hard to make sure their votes are counted. You could say Stacey is building a longer table for all Georgia voters.

Of course, we didn’t only talk about politics. Stacey, it turns out, makes a delicious cheesecake and what she claims is a very good Tortilla Española. (I hope one day to try it for myself!)

In this episode I’ll also be taking you back to my kitchen to teach you to make fried eggs…they are at the same time one of the most basic and surprisingly difficult dishes in the world. (I will be sharing the recipe with paid subscribers tomorrow!) And I’ll talk with one of our listeners about how to be more creative when cooking on weeknights.

If you want my fried egg recipe to follow along, subscribe now…and if you’re already a subscriber, thank you!

Finally, one more piece of podcast news. Do you know that Longer Tables isn’t the only podcast we are cooking up at José Andrés Media?

If you’re a parent, check out our new podcast Pressure Cooker. It’s a show about why feeding kids is so much harder than it should be…and how YOU can fix dinner. Look for new episodes every other Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts or at the website here.

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