Trying to keep on tiny food hub alive in a rural low income food desert. If you have anyone you know who makes policy and wants to listen to what it is like on the front lines, I would like to be heard.

"Sadly, there is still so much inequity in healthy food access in cities across the country, with many food swamps and deserts in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color…healthy food is out of reach for many people. Finding quality fresh food means either traveling far distances or paying too much, or both. Here in DC city, for example, there are no farmers markets across the river. At the Anacostia Museum's Food For the People exhibition you can see that there is only one full-service grocery store for 85,000 people in Ward 8 vs. 8 full-service grocery stores for 90,000 people in Ward 2.

It’s not surprising then to see that the communities without access to fresh food have the highest risks of obesity, diabetes, and other food-related diseases. If we can work together on policies to eliminate food deserts and and increase nutrition security, I know we can have a huge impact on the health and well-being, both physically and mentally, of our friends and neighbors, of our communities. "

This is what I am one little voice out here trying to address. And i scream into a void.

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Chef Good evening. I know that will be a long shot, but I will try anyway. My name is claudio and I am also in the restaurant business, I am going to Barcelona with my daughter next March. After the divorce I promise her that I would take her to Spain. It is her dream. Now I know that you are a very busy man, but please if you read this, could you tell me of some restaurants that I could take her. She will be 17 and her her name is Julia. I have been saving for this for two years and I want to make special for her. She was born in DC and I lived over there for 20 years. I fallen in love with the Spanish cuisine and ppl because I use to go to jaleo. I apologize if this was not appropriate and I will understand if gets deleted. Have a great night.

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