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Just listened to the podcast. Loved it. It was funny to hear each of you talking about your desire and love of the other’s profession. Great chefs and great actors share many attributes; passion and the need to create are just two. I enjoyed hearing you make the spinach recipe - I’m definitely making that one soon. As well, I loved your answer to the callers question; for you the answer is a no brainer but for me, I learned a lot! I’m assuming cooking a steak on the grill is similar - minus the oil. Maybe oil the grill itself? Ever since my husband (who does 90% of the cooking for us ) became vegan I cook any meat I want, myself. I am the queen of rubber meat. Ugh! Mostly I just eat meat when we dine out bc I’m so bad at cooking it. But I will try this method for steak. I think I even have a digital thermometer somewhere.

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